The digital signature is now available!

You can now sign a document securely using a digital certificate issued by Malaysia's certificate authority, which complies fully with the Digital Signature Act 1997 ("DSA").

Signitory Features

Signitory Signature Templates

Signature Templates

Create or upload your very own document or template for signatory purposes
Signitory Bulk e-Signatures

Bulk e-Signatures

Sending out to, and getting documentations signed online, from multiple receivers
Signitory Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Assign each individual receiver's signature sequence easily before sending out your document(s)
Signitory Notification Setting

Notification Setting

Receive notifications whenever a document-signing process (event) is completed, or send reminders to recipients to complete signing procedure
Signitory Access Management

Access Management

Manage Signitory account easily by setting desired accounts’ permission profiles for users and documents quantity for sending to recipients.
Signitory Blockchain Verifiable

Blockchain Verifiable

Blockchain-enabled function to verify and validate every documents uploaded and signed

Making Digital Signature
Easy with 4 Steps

Signitory Upload

Upload your document into Signitory.

Signitory Label

Select and drag your desired label onto document from template list.

Signitory Assign

Assign document to multiple receivers via Bulk Send.

Signitory Send

Click “Send” and you're all done.

Why Choose Signitory?

& Boost Productivity

With Signitory, signing will be a breeze as it ultimately saves cost on travelling and delivery of documents. It also greatly reduce the risk of fraud and possibility of missing documents.

All we need is one click to send out documents requesting for signature, fuss-free guaranteed.

More Features
Why Choose Signitory?

Highly-precised Data
& Uncompromised Security

Signitory ensures peace of mind for all users with its anti-tampering features, each signing document are encrypted with blockchain-engineered public key that captures every activity history.

Keep calm and get digital signature done with Signitory.

More Solutions
Signitory Blockchain Digital Sign


1. What is Signitory?

Signitory provides digital (coming soon) and electronic signing solution services to their users, enabling them to sign documents electronically in compliance with applicable Malaysian laws and the services are widely acceptable in most jurisdictions.

2. What is electronic signature?

“Electronic signature” is defined in the Malaysia Electronic Commerce Act 2006 (“ECA 2006”) as any letter, character, number, sound or any other symbol or any combination thereof created in an electronic form adopted by a person as a signature.

3. Are electronic signatures legally binding?

An electronic signature shall be legal, valid and enforceable notwithstanding that it is wholly or partly in an electronic form. The ECA 2006 provides that any information shall not be denied legal effect, validity or enforceability on the ground that it is wholly or partly in an electronic form.

4. What exactly is KYC signing?

When submitting a signing document, the sender has the option of using KYC signing. By enabling KYC signing, the sender indicates that the signer(s) for the signing document must first complete the KYC process before being able to sign.

5. What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. Blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. []

Official tutorial videos

Signitory keeps businesses moving in this era of pandemic. We promise secure, legally binding e-signatures on any device.

Our system is packed with loads of cool features such as customizable signature templates, bulk e-signatures, automated signature sequencing, reminders and completions notification, users access management and Blockchain verification or KYC.

View more tutorial video
Signitory - Web Sign Up

Web Sign Up

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to set up an account with Signitory, a blockchain-enabled digital signature service provider!

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Signitory - Create and Self Sign a Document

Create and Self Sign a Document

What is the function of a digital signature? How can I make a digital signature in my browser? What if I have a large number of documents to sign? We'll explain everything in simple English!

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Signitory - Create Document for Others to Sign

Create Document for Others to Sign

Getting many users to sign a single document might be challenging, but it is not impossible! With Signitory's simple drag-and-drop functionality, you may not only persuade your colleagues to sign, but you may also impress them.

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Signitory - Sign a Document

Sign a Document

So you've sent a document to your signers; what now? If you're on the receiving end and are unsure how to go about the steps involved in signing with Signitory, this video is for you.

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