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About KYC

Last Update: 28 / 04 / 2021

1. What is KYC?

The KYC mechanism is a method of recognising and checking our users' identities to ensure that they are who they appear to be.

Signitory's KYC process has been upgraded with a liveness check to make the identity proofing process for this software more stable and reliable.

2. What exactly is KYC signing?

When submitting a signing document, the sender has the option of using KYC signing. By enabling KYC signing, the sender indicates that the signer(s) for the signing document must first complete the KYC process before being able to sign.

3. Do I need to complete the KYC process prior to signing?

Signitory does not enable a user to complete KYC in order to sign, but the sender of the signing document can do so. KYC defines and verifies a signer's name, guaranteeing that they are who they think they are. This aids in the reduction of dangerous and dishonest transaction activities.

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