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Staying true to our motto, Signitory offers most convenient digital signature services. Each of our features guarantee to speed up and smooth out every digital signing step. Find out how our features can help your business expand further.

Signitory Signature Templates
Signature Templates
Create or upload your very own signature document, label document accordingly by indicating place to insert name, signature, date, and so on. Every user can now label their documents easily without the worry of messing up text alignments and any other unnecessary mistakes.
Signitory Bulk e-Signatures
Bulk e-Signatures
Send out your signature document to multiple receivers with only one click via Bulk Send feature. It will definitely save much time from keying in receiver's email address manually, one-by-one.
Signitory Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation
Assign receiver's signature sequence easily before sending out your document. With this unique feature, it will ensure that your signing procedure will be completed in an organised manner, as per user's assigned sequence and preference.
Signitory Notification Setting
Notification Setting
Receive notification whenever document signing process is completed or send out reminder if document is not signed within expected time frame. Fret not on accidentally missing out any pending documents yet to be signed, as there will be pop-up reminders to notify both sender and receiver.
Signitory Access Management
Access Management
Manage Signitory account easily by creating multiple accounts and sending out unlimited documents, all available under one fixed package pricing. This promotes efficient internal organisation management as well as cost-saving.
Signitory Blockchain Verifiable
Blockchain Verifiable
For every document uploaded and signed, a blockchain transaction will take place in the background. This transaction will create a hash of the signed document under transaction notes and it will be attached to the blockchain system, hence, keeping a series of immutable records in blocks. Everyone can now sign confidently and with complete peace of mind on Signitory.
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