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Legislation Industry

Streamline contracts review, improve compliances, and reduce paperwork.
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What would Signitory be used for?

Bid farewell to antiquated and obsolete paper processes

Working with clients, particularly those in the banking and finance industry, is demanding. Signitory’s document automation software, legally binding e-signature and Blockchain-enhanced technology relieves you of one more task, allowing you to better manage your client relationships.

Streamline the contracting process

With custom contract templates, libraries for contract terms and clauses, and built-in comments to streamline negotiating, Signitory makes making, editing, checking, and approving contracts quicker and easier.

Compliance should be improved

With Signitory's custom template and content libraries, compliance is a breeze for sales, marketing, and administrative team members. To ensure that all documents are 100 percent compliant, upload accepted documents for use in proposals, speeches, and contracts.

Centralized, Organized Documentation Procedure

With a custom template library, a content library for storing individual clauses and conditions, and an intuitive drag-and-drop document editor, you can save up to 80% on document creation.

Highly secured
data and documents

Signitory uses and is supported by one of the world's most advanced cloud document platforms the industry-leading AWS cloud, to protect your confidential files and user data. To ensure accessibility and security, sensitive user data is entirely encrypted, backed up on a regular basis, and stored securely.


You'll be able to utilize
Signitory in no time

Signitory was created with the goal of reducing deployment and training time. Most attorneys and paralegals will start producing and submitting papers within minutes of logging in because we have over twenty out-of-the-box integrations that can be set up in minutes.

Create eSignatures
that are legally binding

Using Signitory eSignatures, you will bring your company into the twenty-first century without compromising legal compliance. Your employees and external recipients will eSign documents from any computer or mobile device using our eSignatures. Each signature is accompanied by an audit trail and certificate created automatically to ensure signer identity and signature authenticity. What’s more, you could even implement Blockchain technology into your eSignature too!

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